Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Mentor's Key

The story of this necklace reads like a fairy tale: first, the mentor gives the traveler three keys. And then I guess the traveler goes on to find out what the keys unlock and gets into all sorts of untoward adventures. I think a monster or two will be behind one of those locked doors. Then the heroine conquers the monsters and brings them, along with the treasures she’s gathered along the way, to her Ancestral home with newfound appreciation.

Well, my Mentor DID give me three keys, because I’d mentioned I could see a necklace with a key as the center piece. Then the great voyage began- a search through the treasure chests (actually they’re little bags and wooden boxes) of beads and trinkets to find companions that would ride along with the enchanted key.

The central shield , for protection, is an ancient-looking probably very old brass button with a lot of character and an irregular surface. Perfect for holding the keys and the necklace together. Reminds me of a Celtic knotted embellishment or an Etruscan shield.

There are carved serpentine barrel beads above the centerpiece followed by gorgeous thumbprint Kazuri beads. They’re a soft earthy color somewhere between fern and moss, and when you touch them, could can feel the ancient way they were made: using the thumb to indent soft clay and form a whorl-like shape. It gives you a moment of tactile communion with the person who created them.

The key, which plays the part of lock-et (visual and verbal pun) is symbolically chained to yellow turquoise and shell leaves, two Vaseline matte Czech glass seashells and a double-sided natural brass seahorse.
There are some sweet miniature vintage filigree buttons dangling there in front and a larger flower pattern vintage button used for closure.

The necklace is filled with other treasures, some collected from 30 years ago: a brass –inlaid rectangular tube bead, a paisley carved wooden round and an old nuthusk bead. Nestling in peace with the exotics are several American-made artisan beads: a Keith O’Connor fancy patterned ceramic tube and a mustardy borosilicate dichroic heart. The plain and the fancy, the earthly and the ethereal romp together in harmony for you.

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